How to give great Christmas gifts

Finding the ideal Xmas present can be stressful at this festive time of year so we thought we would make it easier for you. Whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa present for your friend, a Stocking Filler for the little one or a Christmas present for him or her then Prezzybox have a great range of gift ideas for all!

1. Do get a gift receipt. Many small boutiques and independent stores offer gift receipts these days, so it’s worth asking for one even if you’re not buying the gift at a big-box store or retail chain.

2. Do give presents that either impart or bring back memories. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, or that it has to be the only gift you give.

Personalized experiences, like a trip to a favourite spa, or keepsakes, like a simple family photo in a picture frame for your loved one’s desk, will be welcome by most. Naturally you can stick to gift cards for the people on your list you don’t know so well.

3. Do ask what the person wants. You’re not lacking in thoughtfulness if you can’t intuit exactly what someone wants. And surprise gifts can be overrated unless they really fulfil a deep wish.
4. Do preassemble gifts for small children, the elderly and the non-tech savvy. But first, check the retailer’s return policy. If they accept open-box returns, go ahead and figure out the gift before you give it so it’s ready to go upon opening.

If you’ve bought your parents a new digital camera for instance, you can charge it up, install the memory card and read through the directions before giving it to them so that you don’t have to come back a week later to do it. Kids delight in opening a toy and discovering the batteries are already in it – and so do their parents!



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