How to wear lace dress

How To Wear Lace Dresses – the lace trend is still going strong and there are more ways than ever to wear your lace dress. Whether your style is demure and ladylike or edgy rock chic, there many different styles of lace dresses available. A lace dress is a product every girl should have in her wardrobe, just ask Scarlett Johansson. Not only is it perfect for a night out on the town – either with your lover or your besties – but it works on for weddings, engagement parties, fashion industry events, gallery openings, off-duty days and pretty much everything in between. There are a number of different factors at play when looking at how to wear lace dresses. From casual shifts to glamorous gowns, the following are just a few tips on how to wear lace dresses this season.

1. Coloured Lace
A big trend this season is coloured lace. Stray from black and white lace dresses and head for bright reds and pinks. As coloured lace makes quite a statement, team these dresses with neutral accessories. A red lace dress would make an excellent party dress and is a great alternative to the LBD.

2. Casual Wear
When thinking about how to wear lace dresses, look to the quality of the fabric. Lower quality lace is better for carrying off casual, day-to-day looks. Heavier lace fabrics are also better for creating that casual appearance. Choose a shorter length lace dress in neutral colours. Top it off with tan leather accessories for a fun, casual look.

3. Heavy Lace
This season it’s less about stretchy lace and more about structured, heavier lace. These types of lace are better for keeping structure and creating a defined silhouette – think shift dresses and full-skirted tea dresses. These types of dresses are much easier to style when it comes to how to wear lace dresses. Sturdier lace fabrics with wider nets and more unique patterns are what you should be looking out for this season.

4. Evening Wear
Better quality lace is more suited for evening wear and special occasions. Longer length dresses and gowns can be quite elegant. Black lace is great for creating drama, but don’t be afraid to try white or cream lace either. If you are worried about white lace being a bit too bridal, team it with colourful accessories or add some colourful trims.

5. Metallic Lace
Vintage-type lace is all well and good, but if you want something a little more contemporary you can’t go past metallic lace. The metallic lace dress is perfect for a party occasion. For a fun evening look, team a metallic lace dress in a flirty shift style with some patent accessories and metallic jewellery.

6. Sheer lace
Make the lace the focal point of your outfit. A sheer sheath dress is an easy way to do this. Daring individuals might opt to wear them without a slip underneath, but if you’re more modest then a slip is a smart option. Balance out the revealing nature of sheer lace by choosing a more relaxed cut or a longer hem.

7. With Constrasting Textures
If the lace look is too full-on for your personal taste, mix it up with contrasting textures. If you are unsure of how to wear lace dresses, add a leather jacket for a tougher look or play down the lace with jerseys and knits. For an eclectic gothic-inspired look, try teaming your lace dresses with faux fur and velvet.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with lace. Hopefully these tips on how to wear lace dresses will have you feeling more confident about the fabric. Whether it is a staple part of your wardrobe or for special occasions only, lace is an elegant and on-trend choice of fabric. What are your best tips on how to wear lace dresses?

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