I Want an iPad mini

Finally I have a chance to lay my finger on the much anticipated iPad mini in one of the Apple retailers store in Singapore – one of the few lucky countries that receive early release by Apple Inc.. Tourists-looking Apple fans were already lining up to get hand-on experience on the new family member in iPad family.

Feeling great in one hand due to its smaller size and light weight, the iPad mini is indeedEvery inch an iPad – just like what Apple claims, but in compressed form. Love at first sight, you can hold it and play it with a single hand without the need (better with, though) of the other hand.

The grid-lining icons appear to be smaller in the iPad mini, you have to really squeeze your eyes more into that much smaller screen compared to his bigger brother, the iPad. Display without Retina display is somehow a letdown but it looks not so bad in iPad mini’s smaller canvas – it’s still acceptable for those who is not a big fan of the retina display.

High quality finishing that you can expect from Apple, the iPad mini is no exception. A tablet that is so beautifully crafted, be it in White or Black (editors from Her101 are in favour to White), competitors will have tough time ahead fighting with this new product from Apple.

I want an iPad mini without second thought. :)

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