Korean Style Fashion Shopping Guide

The YouTube sensation hits – Gangnam Style has injected insight into the current social trends in South Korea, covering both the fashion style and attitudes of its younger generation.

You can catch a glimpse of these fashion styles by visiting South Korea shopping heaven – Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insa-dong, Hongdae, Namdaemun,… etc. Almost every mrt station exit indulges you in shopping. Take Insa-dong for instance, the street is packed with trendy shops, cafes and galleries that promotes trend-revolution in South Korean’s fashion and lifestyle.

The fashion of Korea is heavily steeped in Kawaii where young girls dress up like dolls and young boys look pretty (hmm… it depends though). It’s all about make-up, hair and outfits of layering techniques and refreshing colour-combination (we do not discuss plastic surgery here today).

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