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Okay, your wedding is on next week and you want your ‘ji mui’ 姐妹 / bridesmaid to dress just as gorgeous to charm ‘heng dai’ 兄弟 / groomsmen. So, what can you do with just a week from now?

Don’t worry, VeeMall can delivery your bridesmaid dresses within 7 days* to your doorstep. No hassle and no worry, just click ‘n go!

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# Her tips: What do you call a guy bridesmaid and what do they do?
You are to be called the bride’s attendant. You wear a tuxedo that matches the groomsmen but you stand on the bride’s side with the ladies. Some of the duties bridesmaids handle are:
– managing the bride’s bouquet or anything else she may carry down the aisle, such as a bible.
– managing the ring bearer and/or flower girl
– ready the unity candle or silken cord if there’s a handfasting
– read a passage or poem or other piece – or sing a song if you’re musically inclined
– You might not even have a “duty” in which case you simply stand there looking handsome.
– You and a groomsman would walk side by during the recessional.
– The most important thing you can do is to smile and be your wonderfully handsome reserved self. But smile! Even if you have to paint it on – smile!
– Practice smiling in front of a mirror until it becomes second nature – and looks naturally sincere. Yes, you can do this – it sounds silly – but yes, you do this.
* terms & conditions apply. Delivery may vary especially when peak season eg. Hari raya & Chinese New Year. Look forward to your understanding. :)
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