One-Stop Wedding Solutions – The Flower Girl

Other than being bride herself and bridesmaids who will get fine-tuned in dressing on wedding day, the cute Flower Girl should not be overlooked as well.

Flower Girl is one of many key roles who will beautify the ambient, instantly with their innocent, smiley face.

Thanks to emerging online shopping habit among Malaysian buyers, the Flower Girl’s dresses and accessories can be selected from local online retailers, without much effort.

First let’s look at flower girl dresses. Malaysia online retailers like TutuWorkshop and PrettyBridesCollection offer wide range of flower girl dresses, either in custom-made or ready-made.

Second, Flower Basket carried by the Flower Girl during marching of the newly-wed. This item was hard to find previously, but not anymore as HouseOfFavors at VeeMall offers complete range of Flower Girl Basket design. From Korean-Style to British-style, the flower girl will definitely look fabulous with it.

Third. What about Rose Petals? You don’t have to go to other places to look for rose petals, too. HouseOfFavors at VeeMall has it all – that’s why Vee call ourselves Your One-Stop Online Wedding Mall in Malaysia. :)


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