Premium iPad Cases – Top 5 Picks

Cases for iPad is no longer simply for protective functionality, it is an identity. An identity that unleashes the Style in you whenever you carry an iPad with it. Partnered with the iPhone 5 cases, cases for the iPad is indeed, an important accessory.

How to choose an ideal casing for your iPad anyway? Well, the answer is definite. Especially when you are on-the-go, other than being protective, the iPad case must be best suit you. Given to that, here are the top 5 picks for premium iPad cases from Her101 editors:

1. Vaja leather iPad sleeve

Compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPads (iPad 3rd and 4th generation), the leather iPad sleeve is outstandingly handcrafted. Priced at USD 140, the leather sleeve comes with two-toned design and microfiber interior lining – elegant. It’s also suitable for the iPad with the Smart Cover applied.

*Critic(s): does not support different-viewing angle / no cut-out for charger / no locking

2. Couch bleecker debossed painted stripe iPad sleeve

Taking cues from the world of racing, a pair of graphic, raised painted stripes—one thick, one thin— the Coach iPad leather case gives this glove-tanned leather iPad sleeve a punch of bold color. Starting from USD 178, case has a cut-out for charger at the bottom – detailed.

*Critic(s): does not support different-viewing angle / no locking

3. Sandqvist blue canvas denim iPad case 

The vintage design iPad pouch from Sandqvist is indeed stylish yet fulfilling protective function to your iPad. Blue cotton canvas trimmed with beige leather combination is always a timeless design – you will fall in love with it instantly now or ten years later. At Pound Sterling 45 (it’s a Swedish company), the case has a beautiful yet functional locking design that allows you retrieve the iPad with minimal effort and yet, it protects the iPad from falling apart when drop – nice.

*Critic(s): does not support different-viewing angle / no cut-out for charger

4. Spigen SGP Folio.S Case

The SPIGEN Folio.S case is handcrafted folio style case, made of genuine leather. The case provides sturdy protection for the new iPad. Several viewing angles (only horizontal though) are available with Spigen’s case. At USD 91.99, the soft-looking iPad case will be however, a little bit heavier than the rest of premium competitors.

*Critic(s): slightly heavier

5. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad 2 and New iPad

It is not a case though, but we would not want you to miss this great product from Logitech. The premium smarter-than-Apple-design iPad cover is priced at RM 299. The sleek and Bluetooth-enabled cover-keyboard contents the both worlds of style and functionality. It protects iPad from scratching when close and allows heavy-duty typing works when it magnetically attaches to the iPad – Perfect. More, it comes in White as well!

*Critic(s): heaviest among competitors in this post (327g!)

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