Reasons to Swap Your Chemical-Based Products for Natural Alternatives

Your personal care products like your shampoo, conditioner, creams, scrubs etc. have chemicals in them! But you probably already know this; all you have to do is turn over to the labels and find a list of chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, synthetic colours and a lot more.


All these chemicals are quite toxic and can affect your hormones over time. Using such toxic products has been linked to several health concerns too. Considering that an average woman puts on makeup every day, one can just imagine the harm caused by these products.
However, you can eliminate this risk by simply switching to natural care products. Natural care products or organic products have low or no chemical ingredients in them; or better yet, you can make your own DIY natural products by mixing together simple kitchen ingredients.

If you’ve still not switched to natural care products yet, here are a few reasons that will convince you to.


Affects your reproductive hormone
Chemicals like parabens can mimic the estrogens in the body. This can severely alter one’s natural hormones. Such disruption in ones natural hormones can lead to PCOS too.

Many products like nail polish contain carcinogens such as formaldehyde and PEGs. These carcinogens are toxins that can cause cancer and other health issues.

hair fail
Hair fall
Most of us suffer from hair fall and hair loss but it not always your diet or lifestyle that’s to be blamed. Chemical based hair products contain parfums, dyes etc. that weaken your scalp and hair follicles thus causing hair loss.

Trigger allergies
If you are susceptible to gluten, soy or dairy allergies, you may want to check the ingredients on your products. If your products contain such allergens, it barely takes it 20 minutes to get absorbed in your bloodstream once you apply it. This then triggers an allergic reaction.

Causes weight gain
You’ll be surprised to know that some chemicals can also cause weight gain. These chemicals are called ‘obesogens’. Phthatates which are easily present in many products are one of the main ‘obesogens’ that have been associated with hormone disruption and weight gain.


Many products also contain a chemical called parfums that add to the fragrance of the product. Such chemical fragrances trigger headaches especially to those sensitive to strong smells.


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