Tea Pillow Benefits & Maintenance

Best pillow for new-born babies to allow them sleep well throughout the night with pleasant dream – Tea Pillow. Also a best choice of gift for newly-appointed-young-parents. Delivered the next-day of payment, the item will reach your doorstep within the next 5 days. Visit VeeMall today!

Benefits of Tea Pillows 茶叶枕头的好处

1) Tea pillow improves sleeping quality 素质睡眠
2) Give your baby a pleasant dream 美梦
3) Longetivity 长寿
4) Suitable for people who perspires excessively 适于过量排汗的人
When a regular pillow becomes wet it can release microbes and dust which can
cause bronchial problems. Tea has antimicrobial properties so tea pillows are an
excellent choice for anyone suffering from asthma or other breathing problems.
5) Improve eyesight 增强眼力
6) Calm nerves 舒缓紧张
7) Release heat 调整热度
8) Refreshing brain 刷新脑袋
9) Strengthen body 强健身体
10) Anti-bacteria 抗菌
11) Healing burnt wound 愈合伤口

Maintenance For The Tea Pillow 如何照顾茶枕

Store at dry place.
The tea pillow insert should be put under direct sunlight periodically to dry out any possible moisture and kill bacteria.

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