The Timeless Five

There are style essentials transcend time – which means, once you bought, they will grow old with you. Let’s look at the Timeless Five in women fashion.

Simple Shirt

A classic cotton long sleeve is the epitome of fuss-free contemporary dressing. Keep the silhoutte slim and detailing minimum.

Pencil Skirt

Worn throughout the ages as a celebration of the female form, the modern pencil skirt features crisp tailoring, a slim silhoutte and a hemline that hits just below the knee.

Little Jacket

Make sure it’s light-tone in colour and it’s loose enough so you can wear it comfortably with any cloths. This wardrobe wonder is perfect for indoor air-conditioned activities eg. cinema, office, concert hall… etc.

Maxi Dress

Soft, delicate and fabulously feminine, this dress will make you look and feel like a woman. Choose a neutral colour and a simple outline to keep it relevant for at least the next 50 years.

Chiffon Knitted Dress

This casual piece, suitable for leisure wear and sometimes, office wear as well, will never get out of style.

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