Tips For Gorgeous Bridal Lips

To be become the most beauty, attractive of the bridal, the colour of your lips is the most important makeup decision on your wedding day. Here are some tips that would help you to take a right decision on the lipstick or lip gloss you want.

1. Lighter lipsticks make your lips look their fullest, and darker lips look thinner, so be careful choosing your colour, and in case you want plump lips, take a light lipstick or lip gloss.

2. Bright lipsticks call attention to your teeth, so whiten them before your big day if you want a bright lipstick.

3. Glossy lipsticks don’t last long and will creep into lines, so choose a cream or matter formula.

4. Pearlized lip colours add subtle glow that makes lips look plump.

5. If you want the colour to last longer, then apply the lipstick with a brush and drink through a straw.

6. In case you want nude lips, choose a lipstick one colour deeper than your natural one, as it’s the most flattering.
Be hot on your big day!


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