Top Tips for Choosing Lingerie That Your Partner Will Love

Always remember wear lingerie is to let your partner love. Without it, even sexy and seductive body, no foreplay no lingerie no syok. Men are like that, easy hand mean no romantic and interesting. To avoid this happen, girl need to prepare and let OUR PARTNER love it.


Avoid intricate designs
Many underwear garments can look extremely pretty; however, when it comes to putting them on, or in some cases, removing them, they become something of an annoyance for your partner! There’s nothing worse or more mood ruining then a buckle or strap struggle, so make sure that you choose something pretty with a simple design, or that you are 100% sure of how your new underwear works so that you are able to remove it without any hassle.


Simplicity vs. complex
Many partners will love seeing their girlfriends in simple colours like black and white as they tend to accentuate curves and are generally flattering on the body. Black and white coloured undergarments also tend to look more elegant and hot and draw your partner’s attention to your body, ensuring they are not distracted by tassels or bright colours.
However, others might prefer their girlfriends in brighter colours and more complex designs, such as leopard print, so it is a good idea to do a bit of research into what you believe your partner would like before you spend any money on new undergarments.


Try it on beforehand
You have got to make sure that the underwear you choose fits perfectly before you wear it in front of your partner. You shouldn’t ever force yourself into a size that doesn’t fit well, as ultimately it will make you feel uncomfortable and could possibly leave you with red marks and scratches, which will ruin the effect for both of you.
If you choose items that are a perfect fit, you will feel comfortable and will exhibit confidence, which is extremely attractive and will no doubt result in your new lingerie making a good impression on your partner!


Highlight favourite areas
Every woman has an area of her body that she is less confident about, so if you are aware of which part of your body is a favourite of your partners, why not choose underwear that helps highlight this area and deflect attention from areas you don’t like.
For instance, wearing heels with your new undergarments will highlight your legs and make you look slimmer. High legged knickers will make your legs look longer and deflect attention from wider hips and tummy. A good push up bra will make smaller breasts look larger and a well fitted structured bra will make larger breasts more pert. If you need help deciding what makes you look best, make sure you take someone you trust shopping with you.


Remember you’re already gorgeous
Your partner already thinks that you’re beautiful and the lingerie is just there to highlight what is already there. So ultimately if you choose what you like and what you think makes you look and feel great, then your partner is sure to love what you’ve chosen, even more so because you’ve chosen it for him.

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