What to wear to Bed

Do you wonder what to wear to bed when you’re spending the night with your boyfriend? Knowing how to look good in bed with your boyfriend can be the easiest thing on earth if you know these girly seductive tips on what to wear to bed.

Firstly, you need to know how to sleep with him in a sexy way before you learn what to wear to bed to turn him on subtly.

Now that you know how to sleep with him, we’ll dive straight in into the sexiest styles of sleeping and the big question – what to wear to bed to impress and seduce him.

There are several ways to turn a guy on and look really sexy when you sleep with a man and you should always remember that looking sexy and attractive in bed doesn’t really have to be all about clothes and lingerie.

#1 Mascara and eye liners don’t look the same in the morning.

#2 Lip stick marks can look disgusting on a white pillow, especially if you stain your pillow every morning.

#3 Elaborate starched night gowns look like crumpled rags in the morning.

#4 You’d have a new hairstyle in the morning, and the new one just won’t look as good as the one you had the earlier night.

Deciding what to wear to bed is the easy part. Understanding your strengths and the weak points in your physique and body is the confusing dilemma. Be confident and feel sexy from within, and your vibes and aura will do the rest in sleeping sexy and turning on your boyfriend.

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