Wearing legging as pant become a trend

What’s not to love about leggings? They’re comfortable. They’re slimming. They’re great at making lazy outfits look sleek and stylish. They’re inexpensive. And there’s something so retro fabulous about them. But one of the most prolific fashion rule to emerge over the last few years is the danger of wearing a pair of leggings as pants. From Blair Waldorf to Conan O’Brien, it seems like everyone has a passionate opinion on the right way to wear this humble garment.


With heavy fabrics, interesting styles, and the popularity of “skinny” cut pants, it’s understandable why some people would embrace the idea of wearing leggings as pants.

1. They’re super comfortable. The elastic waistline will feel good on your body all day long, no matter if you’re sitting at a desk studying for finals or lounging on a couch watching movies with your girlfriends. I love each and every pair of jeans that I own, but nothing compares to the stretchy goodness that a nice pair of cotton leggings can provide.

2. A quality pair can support your hips and backside enough to function as a pair of pants. Take jeggings, for example — I mean, some of those babies even have pockets and zippers! As long as the leggings are thick and supportive, I don’t see a need to discriminate against a piece just because it’s less structured than others.

3. Leggings have been a staple of chic girls’ wardrobes for decades. Remember how beautiful Audrey Hepburn looked in her signature pair of cropped ankle-length leggings and ballet flats, paired with a crisp white button-down shirt, or a black turtleneck? The legging is such a cool throwback item!

4. You have to admit that the right pair of leggings can make you feel super sexy and ultra cool. Both the shiny and matte lamé leggings from American Apparel are so badass that just wearing a pair will make you feel like Catwoman! Dark-coloured leggings are very flattering and will make your legs look miles long, especially when worn with a pair of heels.

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