Exquisite & Elegant Blush Pink Makeup

On our special day we all, girls, want to look stunning and elegant straight into people heart. Usually, girl will spend a lot of money to hire some professional to achieve gorgeous wedding look which it is not necessary at all.
Now, today why not DIY yourself? we’re sharing some makeup and hair tricks that will help you to achieve a gorgeous wedding look! You need to prepare some light foundation to make your skin glow, light and glittery pink eye shadows, a voluminous lipstick and mascara, a lip pencil, some dark eyeliner and peachy rouge. Begin with moisturizing your face, applying your light foundation. Then gently apply light pink eye shadows and draw a thin line of dark eyeliner along the upper lash line. Add lashings of mascara and swirl over some rouge over your cheeks and up towards your temples. Finish with staining lips with a nude pink pencil and applying some candy lipstick.

Sound simple? Let to do it yourself!

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